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Midnight Bourbon

  • Midnight Bourbon, Our darkest roast profile and one of our customers favorites. A blend of Brazilian and Sumatra that brings out incredible aromas and rich flavor's.

    Extremely versatile and works in both filter and espresso based drinks.

    You can expect some lovely chocolate and nutty flavours, with a dash of acidity in the finish that really brightens up the cup, making it one of our most balanced and popular coffees.                                                                                               Sumatran beans are very unique with heavy spice and chocolate notes with some prominent earthy flavor that comes through very clean and not unpleasant and grown at 900-1600 meters above sea level.

  • Notes are an earthy dark  bakers chocolate, hazelnut. Works very well for your Drip, Americano and Espresso applications. 


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Midnight Bourbon