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Tired Eyes


Tired Eyes 

Our newest offering and we couldn't me more excited about it. A blend of Ethiopian Limu and Indonesian  Sumatra Mandheling.

 Ethiopian Limu is 100% arabica and the birthplace of coffee. Sourced directly from one of the most unique coffee growing regions in the world known for their earthy deep flavours. 

  Indonesian  Sumatra Mandheling coffees are distinguished by their full body, more earthy flavours than Java Arabica, distinct herbal tones, and with a Low acidity. This low acidity makes them particularly attractive for people who have a sensitivity to the otherwise healthy organic acids in coffee.

Sumatran coffees are well reviewed and renown world-wide for providing a rich, satisfying flavor. Available in both 340g and 1 kilo bags.



The most recurring flavor traits  revolve around chocolate, floral notes, and berry-like notes.


Acidity is medium and well balanced when blended this way



Mouthfeel appears as one of the main appealing characteristics thin to medium smooth-bodied.


Tired Eyes